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  12/16hp rod and piston kit
12,14,16hp Long Rod and Piston Kit

Specifically designed billet rod and diamond piston for governed 12-16hp Kohler K-series engines running up to 5000 rpms. This kit includes a billet 6.250 long 2 bolt connecting rod and a special made light weight Diamond piston. This puts the piston flush with the top of the deck. The light weight assembly makes balancing the stock OEM crankshafts simple and the long rod reduces the rod angle increasing TQ in the pulling engine. Rod is machined to accept a bearing (NOT INCLUDED). Piston includes the pin, clips and high quality Total Seal piston rings. This assembly will require some grinding on the bottom of the cylinder for clearance. In the drop down box select the size of piston required.

Price: $324.50      Additional Options:


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