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Stainless Mega Starter

Introducing our new Stainless Steel Mega Starter! Do you get tired of buying a new charcoal starter every Spring? Does your charcoal starter from last year look like the one pictured below? Well, we have your solution- The Mega Starter! With one single piece of newspaper and a click of a lighter and you will have smoldering coals in minutes. The large diameter is ideal for charcoal briquettes or lump coal. The heavy duty Mega Starter is an all stainless steel construction and all stainless steel hardware. Beautifully CNC laser cut. Billet aluminum CNC machined handle brackets. The Mega Starter features a heat shield that helps keep the finished cherry wood handle cool.  The Mega Starter has a 12 gauge heavy bottom plate. Whether you’re grilling in your backyard or in a competition the Mega Starter will get your fire started right and will make for delicious BBQ every time.  The Mega Starter will last for years and years to come.

**** Disclaimer- The stainless steel and aluminum metals get extremely HOT and will stay HOT. *****


Price: $49.99     


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