Command 1.8 roller rocker kit


1.8 ratio rocker arms allow the builder to use a smaller lift camshaft and with the same lift at the valves. It will also increase the valve opening velocity. For instance a cam with a max open velocity of .006 per degree with a 1.6 rocker will be .0096 at the valve with a 1.6 rocker and the same cam with a 1.8 rocker arm will be .0108 at the valve. Faster opening and more lift is the benefit.

This is a complete kit with everything you need to install roller rockers on your command cylinder heads. Kit includes 4 Comp Camps high quality stainless steel pro magnum 1.8 rocker arms, screw in studs, guide plates, adjusting nuts, billet aluminum head inserts, the correct length high quality 5/16 push rods, 1” valve cover spacers with seals, and longer bolts for the valve covers. Kit requires some machine work on a milling machine to remove the factory rocker pedestals.

Kit is also available without the valve cover spacers for use with billet valve covers. In the drop down menu box select the set needed.