Diamond Flat Top Piston Kit



Diamond Pistons has become a leader in the piston market. These Diamond Pistons are some of the highest quality pistons available today. They feature a fully machined design to lighten and more so to make the piston the same thickness everywhere. With raw forgings the thickness can vary making some spots hotter or cooler than others. Paired with a set of total seal piston rings these are a good investment for your pulling engine.

This piston kit includes 2 high quality Diamond pistons, 2 sets of Total seal piston rings. 2 wrist pins and 4 pin clips. In the drop down options box please choose the CH and the bore.


Note:  Most people will ask “What do I run for clearance?”  Diamond piston recommends .0035 of clearance measured 90 degrees to the pin hole @ .850.  The pistons have the clearance built into them. So if you order a 3.051 bore piston that is what the finished honed bore should be as the pistons are .0035 smaller.