Kohler Command Flat Tappet Camshaft Kit


This is a flat tappet cam kit for Kohler Command 18-30hp engines. Kit includes a steel billet core heat treated camshaft, steel billet adjustable cam gear and 4 new solid flat tappet lifters. It is not secret that the Kohler Commands and all flat tappet engines have problems with the camshaft lobes going flat. The metal against metal friction is always going to be a problem. The more spring pressure that is used to gain RPM the worse the problem gets. But some clubs say you must use a flat tappet camshaft. So this is the answer.  This cam kit we are offering is a special kind of heat treated camshaft and combined with special lifters you will be able to run as much spring pressure as you want and run the engine as many RPMs as you want. This kit is not cheap but it works. We are offering a 3 year warranty on this kit. If your cam goes flat or the lifters go bad we will replace it for you for FREE. No questions asked. In the drop down box are the current grinds available.