New style carb adapter


Problem: 1.2 recast carburetors will not fit on the stock 2 barrel intake. The recast carb sits to low and hits the breather cover with the current adapter. The current adapter also has a 1.250 inlet while many of the recast carburetors have a 1.5 or larger throttle bore.

Solution: A new Zach Kerber Machine carb adapter. We have moved the carb up and forward to clear the breather cover. We have also made the “Plenum” area in the adapter larger allowing for a bigger area for the mixture to go so each cylinder can draw from the adapter rather than pulse the carb. This keeps a constant draw on the carburetor and eliminates the problems of all the fuel going to one side of the engine and flooding out one cylinder like the short adapters do. We have also made the intake diameter 1.550 to allow most 1.2 recast carbs to bolt up.