Posi Loc Pro Billet Aluminum Transmission Shifter


This all machined billet aluminum shifter for the Cub Cadet gear drive transmissions solves 2 common issues. 1. Your current shifter has rusted or broke and cannot find a replacement. 2. The shifter lock. This shifter is a combination of both. A nice looking part with built in shift locks.

Features of this shifter include 4 metal rod wipers to keep the dust out of the workings and transmission. It has 2 shifter levers 8" long with a 60 degree forward sweep or 6" long with a 20 degree forward sweep all machined. Includes the shifter, mounting hardware, and lock pins.



Installation instructions are as followed. Install new shifter making sure to line up shift fork rods in the shifting forks. Make sure the rods do not bottom out or are tight on the shift forks. Everything must be free moving. Using provided hardware fasten shifter to transmission. Once the shifter is tight make sure the levers slide back and forth, you should feel the detents of the gears. Now with the pointed set screw provided screw it in the lock hole on the lever. In each position, forward, neutral, and back turn the set screw in so it makes a centering mark on the lever mount. A small rubber mallet works well to make a mark. Now with a 5/16 drill bit drill on the center marks you just made about ¼” deep for the locking pins to detent into. Now screw in the locking pins and tighten. To work the shifter pull out on the locking pin and shift transmission.