Roller Cam .275/252/6 num 210 grind


Kohler Command steel billet small bolt pattern roller cam. This cam is a .275 lift 252 duration at .050 lift and ground on a 106 lobe separation. This cam is what I would call a semi-aggressive lobe profile. It is a symmetrical profile meaning the open and close ramps are the same. Cam has a mild 18.2 degree pressure angle, a max open velocity of .00596 and a 1.075 base circle. Recommend spring pressure on this cam is 150-175lbs of seat pressure and 250-300lbs over the nose. Less if governed. Our cam grind number for this cam is #210.

Cam works very well in the 4000-6000 RPM range and will turn well over 9000 RPM depending on head and port design. This cam works well in sport stock motors and the limited 5000 RPM motors.