Stomper Series V Twin Camshaft


Stomper Series Cams are a flat tappet cam ground specifically for the 18 to 30  horsepower Kohler Command pulling engines. The cams are designed for governed engines running 5000 rpms or less.

The cam profiles were designed here at Zach Kerber Machine & Design and feature an aggressive opening ramp rate. This allows the valve to achieve max lift, sustain the lift as long as possible, and then precisely place the valve back down on the seat. These cams allow a builder with stock lift rules to have the air flow necessary to provide a nice, broad, flat torque line on the dyno. This means big    useable power on the pulling track where it is needed. Each cam is an all cast construction. They are CNC  machined, precision ground and heat treated in house. The cam features an adjustable stock cast gear that bolts on and all Stomper series cams are degreed in and ready to be installed. These cams are ground with the stock diameter base circle and will work with solid tappets or hydraulic. Stomper cams are made and designed to be used with our Stomper series lifters and springs.

Stomper 1 Cam. .235 Lift Stock duration at .050 but with a faster opening ramp rate and increased max open time

Stomper 2 Cam .235 Lift 222 degrees of intake duration and 218 degrees of exhaust duration 102 lobe seperation

Stomper 3 Cam .235 Lift 232 degrees of intake duration and 228 degrees of exhaust duration 102 lobe seperation

Stomper 4 Cam .235 Lift 242 degrees of intake duration and 238 degrees of exhaust durtaion 105 lobe seperation

Cams are sold with a core exchange. We use the gear off of your stock cam. Please select the cam from the drop down box.