Tech Support


Tech Support. $24.99 for 10 minutes.

This is a new service we are offering to people that are new to tractor pulling or for pullers that want to do and build their own thing but need help or have questions. You will receive 10 mins of our full attention to ask questions and be answered with honest answers. Questions like; what do I need to get started, how do I build my engine, why won’t my engine run, how do I tune my carb, what’s the best camshaft for my application, what engine combination will work best for me, what gears are best for my application, pretty much about anything you can dream up. What you are purchasing is years of experience and lots of money spent to learn the info that you need to know.

This is a service and you will not be required to purchase any parts or anything else. However if the conversation leads to a sale of our parts the service can be fully refundable depending on what is purchased.

How this works is you purchase this and finish the checkout. We will then contact you and setup a time that works for you to make the call. The call will be on a recorded line for security purposes.