Titanium Valve Ready to Run Cylinder Heads


Titanium valve ready to run heads. We use your cores the following is included.   


Fully cleaned and media blasted

Machined old valve seats out and install new performance alloy seats

Install and hone new bronze guides.

Fully ported intake and exhaust ports.

Machined for bolt in roller rocker plates

Surfaced and o-ring groove installed.

Multi angle valve job

Parts Included

4 Titanium valves

Performance alloy seats

Bronze valve guide

Intake valve seals

Spring seat locators

4 valve springs. Installed at 230lbs

Titanium retainers and keepers

Titanium lash caps

Copper sealing wire

These heads are setup for .625 max valve lift with 525lbs of pressure at .600 lift.

Several valve size options are available. In the drop down menu select size needed.