ZKM Gov 3 Reground Cam Kit


ZKM Gov 3 Reground Cam Kit includes the Camshaft, K Series Valve Spring Set Single, & 1.280 Jeep Lifters.

Kohler K-Series 10-16 HP Reground camshaft. This cam is welded with a hard face overlay surfacing material and reground. This is a more aggressive stock camshaft with a flat top and an aggressive opening and closing ramp rate. Cam is ground with more lift so with the lash it will meet the .330 valve lift rule. Specs on this cam are; Intake .336 lift 242 duration Exhaust .338 lift .236 duration.  This kit includes the large base JEEP lifters and heavier valve springs which are recommend for engines running over 3800 RPM.

You send in your cam core and we regrind that. Turnaround time is 1 week.